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About Us

What is sixah academy?

Sixah academy  is a platform created to help, support and encourage everyone who is committed  to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Why we got started?

There is a wide use of internet and social media nowadays even though we felt like we are under utilizing these opportunity especially when it comes to health spreading awarenesses  that is why we created sixah academy.

And in few months we got an opportunity to educate and interact with over 16000 members and fastly growing.

Vision statement: Optimal health for the community through nutrition and lifestyle correction.

Mission Inspiring healthy eating through community-based education and the provision of credible, current and practical nutrition information


Meet the Team

Asma ismail

Asma Ismail is the executive director and founder of Sixah academy, an online web for health promotion. She holds a bachelor’s degree in food science and nutrition. Asma is very ambitious entrepreneur who is committed of making a positive change in the community. Asma is currently a resident in the UAE where she purchases a higher education and experience to help her community since women in her country are underprivileged in terms of education and employment she is willing to be entrepreneur role to model to the women and make them economically self-reliance. In addition she believes that health is basic human right and she is trying her best to teach and help people to live healthy lifestyle as healthy population live longer and are more productive. Can be reached at her email: Asma@sixahacademy.com



Marwa Ismail

is resident at Hargeisa Somaliland she is 24 years old. she is graduate of Bachelor degree of Nursing at Edna Adan University, She currently studies Master’s degree of Project Planning and Management at University of Hargeisa. She is the cofounder of Sixah Academy. She currently works at insurance company. Marwa has been actively involved in community service for the past three years, and has dedicated much of her time to the community development, with an emphasis on health and education.